Quite possibly the world's
most enjoyable MRI.

Teton Sports & Spine Imaging is redefining the MRI experience.

The best technology. The best radiologists. The best patient care.

The best MRI experience.


At Teton Sports & Spine Imaging, forget what you think you know about MRIs. In fact, we provide such a difference from what you may have come to expect, we call our procedure the Un-MRI.

It’s all we do—which means we do it remarkably well. Book yours today… And get ready for what might be the most comfortable medical treatment you've ever had.


Better imaging

Our state-of-the-art machine is lightning-fast and the quietest available. It even features a TV on the ceiling—but we can’t promise you’ll have time to watch a whole show.

Better Experience

Our staff is so friendly, you’ll swear you were at a day spa instead of getting an MRI. Plus, with convenient online booking and intake, you’ll be done in no time.

Better Service

As soon as you’re done, your MRI scan is instantly sent to a radiologist from the Cleveland Clinic—ready and waiting to analyze your results and make an expert diagnosis.


our Technology

Faster. Bigger. Better.

Our 3.0 Tesla GE MRI machine is a revolution in technology, delivering stunningly precise images in a fraction of the time needed by other machines. Translation: we’ll get more pictures—and better ones— in half the time it used to take… Which means you’ll spend a lot less time inside the machine.


our Facility

Relax. No, Really.

If the thought of hospitals makes you cringe, let us welcome you with open arms. Our facility is bright and airy. Our staff is friendly. Our service is superior, and even our intake process is a breath of fresh air. The experience is as close to a day spa as you can get without a robe and slippers.


our Expertise

The Very Best.

Cleveland Clinic is renowned world-wide—which is why we’ve contracted their radiologists to read the results of our scans. For neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, abdominal imaging, breast imaging, pediatric imaging and more, trust TSSI and the Cleveland Clinic.

brain scan.jpg

our Location

Serving Jackson & Area

Even if you’re not in town, the most powerful and accurate imaging machine in a 100-mile radius makes it worth the drive to Jackson.

Physical Address: 250 Scott Lane, Suite 110, Jackson WY 83002

Telephone: 307-201-5380

Email: info@tssimaging.com


The TSSI Difference

If we’re “just” an MRI clinic, then the Tetons are just mountains, and Jackson Hole is just a valley. We’re out to turn your expectations on their head—even if you’ve had an MRI before, you’ve never had one like this. Experience our technology. Experience our facility. Experience Teton Sports & Spine Imaging.


Peace of Mind


There is little to do to prepare for an MRI—unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you may eat and drink normally before the procedure. Show up with non-magnetic clothing (such as sweatpants and a sweater) and remove all jewelry. Before your scan, you may be asked to wear a gown.


Our machine is remarkably fast. In fact, it can image three scans in the time it takes most other machines to do one. In other words, expect to be on your way in an hour or (much) less.


Your results will be sent to your referring doctor as early as the next day.

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